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Questions and Answers


Question: Do you have a light that shuts off automatically if my battery voltage is low?
Answer: Yes, our 50 watt xenon (both 12 & 24 volts)

Question: What do I do if I don't have access to the back of my transom?
Answer: We manufacture three lights that can be mounted on the transom and fully   submerged  without drilling a hole through the hull. They are the AL150MH, AL75H and the AL50H.

Question: Can the  lights be serviced from within the vessel?
Answer: Yes, the bulbs and wiring can be serviced and/or changed from inside.

Question: Is the light housing water-tight?
Answer: Yes, our entire housing is water-tight which means the entire fixture could go underwater and not leak.

Question: Will your lights corrode?
Answer: Our lights are completely made out of aluminum, stainless steel or bronze. They're not made from dissimilar metals which is a major factor in corrosion.

Question: How can I test the lights when the boat isn't in the water?
Answer: You can test the lights (up to 5 minutes) out of water.

Questions: What size hole do I have to cut for the lights in the hull?
Answer: A hole about 2 1/2 inches for small lights and 4 1/2 inches for large lights. (AL50H, AL75H & AL50X are small lights while the AL150Mh is our large light.)

Question: How far below the Waterline do the lights need to be installed?
Answer: Anywhere from 6 inches to 24 inches, the deeper the better.

Question: Where is the best place to install lights on my boat?
Answer: The transom is the usual spot for fish viewing, however, some mount the lights straight down through the hull for fishing our diving.

Question: Will Aqua Lights Underwater Lights help me catch more fish?
Answer: Yes, fish are attracted to light. We have personal experience catching fish at night where we normally didn't catch any.


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